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ENAC November 2009

Cybex has published the November 2009 issue of their e-Newsletter on the Fight Against Cybercrime (ENAC). The newsletter covers various organizational, legal and technical aspects of Cybercrime and countermeasures. In the technical section of this issue Juan Carlos Ruiloba Castilla (Policía Judicial de Barcelona, Spain) discusses fast-flux networks.

Electronic Newsletter on the fight Against Cybercrime

The free Electronic Newsletter on the fight Against Cybercrime (ENAC) covers a variety of aspects, like the legal system and jurisprudence, data protection, upcoming events, but also technical aspects like computer forensics. The October 2009 issue (no. 4) is now available for download (PDF).

New Issue of SSDDFJ

A new issue of the Smal Scale Digital Device Forensics Journal has been released. Volume 2, number 1 contains four articles about technical and legal aspects of forensics on small devices like cell phones and video game consoles.

Linux Memory Analysis Challenge

Every year the Digital Forensics Research Workshop challenges the digital forensics community to work on a special assignment in order to stimulate focused research and the development of new tools. This year the challenge is to analyse the memory dump of a Linux host. The assignment and some details were just posted to the DFRWS web site. Submissions are due July 20, 2008.

Credit Card Forensics

In the December issue (vol. 50, no. 12) of the Communications of the ACM Hal Berghel takes a closer look at unsuspicious cards with a magnetic stripe on it, like membership cards, gift certificates or hotel room keys. He found the duplicated data of credit cards.

The Journal of the ext3 Filesystem

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In his paper Taking advantage of Ext3 journaling file system in a forensic investigation Gregorio Narváez describes the journal of the ext3 filesystem.

IJDE Fall 2007 Issue

The Fall 2007 issue of the International Journal of Digital Evidence (IJDE) has been posted. This issue contains three articles.

md5deep Version 2.0

Jesse Kornblum has released version 2.0 of his popular file-hashing application md5deep. The tool now supports unicode characters in file names when run on the Microsoft Windows platform. From now on md5deep also processes hash values from hash sets in EnCase format (.hash). Please see the changelog for details and further bug fixes.

Paper about In-Place File Carving

Golden G. Richard III, Vassil Roussev and Lodovico Marziale describe a file carver that is able to work on local and remote drives. They presented their paper In-Place File Carving at the 3rd annual IFIP WG 11.9 International Conference.

DFRWS 2007 Paper


My paper Introducing the Microsoft Vista Event Log File Format has been accepted for presentation at DFRWS 2007. See you in Pittsburgh!

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