To search memory images for processes and threads I resort on a structure named _DISPATCHER_HEADER. This article provides you with a summary of the relevant information.

The Windows NT kernel provides some mechanisms to synchronize concurrent access to resources. All objects which can be waited for start with a structure named _DISPATCHER_HEADER. This structure mainly describes an objects type, size and state. In addition it contains a list of threads waiting for the object. The structure is declared in the files Ntddk.h or wdm.h of the DDK. For in-depth information about synchronization objects I recommend reading the Microsoft Developer Network and chapter 3 of Windows Internals by Mark Russinovich and David Solomon.

+0x000 Header           : struct _DISPATCHER_HEADER, 6 elements, 0x10 bytes
   +0x000 Type             : UChar
   +0x001 Absolute         : UChar
   +0x002 Size             : UChar
   +0x003 Inserted         : UChar
   +0x004 SignalState      : Int4B
   +0x008 WaitListHead     : struct _LIST_ENTRY, 2 elements, 0x8 bytes
      +0x000 Flink            : Ptr32 to 
      +0x004 Blink            : Ptr32 to 

In return a thread's control structure contains a list of _KWAIT_BLOCK structures, which point to all objects the thread is waiting for.

Sven B. Schreiber (Undocumented Windows 2000 Secrets, Addison Wesley, 2001) documents the following code for the Type member:

Type codes of kernel dispatcher objects
7(not assigned?)

As I found out type code differ not between Windows versions ranging from Windows 2000 up to Vista/Longhorn. Of course this does not apply to the Size member, too. This field states the size of the _DISPATCHER_HEADERS and the accompanying object specific data, expressed in terms of DWORDs (32 bits).

Variation of Type and Size over Windows version
Windows 2000, SP 40x030x000x1b0x000x060x000x6c0x00
Windows XP0x030x000x1b0x000x060x000x700x00
Windows XP, SP 20x030x000x1b0x000x060x000x700x00
Windows Server 20030x030x000x1b0x000x060x000x720x00
Vista/Longhorn Build 52700x030x000x200x000x060x000x740x00

While looking at control structures of active and terminated processes and threads I have never found any value for Absolute and Inserted beside null. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attain authoritative documentation for both field's function. Therefore I will refrain from using these two fields in search patterns for processes and threads.



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